Meridian Memorial Officer’s Preparatory Academy

Find your Fleet and Thrive at Meridian Memorial Academy!

The Meridian Memorial Officer’s Preparatory Academy is a trailblazer of education and innovation, where the latest in scientific and tactical advancements are used to help YOU reach your highest potential.

Speed your way through the stars and into the lauded halls of Imperial history!
Meridian cadets have access to the latest armaments, the top instructors and engineers, the most prestigious social events, and the chance to prove your mettle on the field against our enemies.

Rebellious workers? Unknown intruders? The fleets of the planet below?
Meridian students and alumni have faced and bested all manner of potential threats. Our accelerated two-year program grants you the chance to be a decorated hero with real battlefield experience in half the time-span of our competitor colleges!

Premium social opportunities on every corner
Meridian Memorial is hardly a solemn place solely intended for study and training— our alumni can be found among the leaders of  Imperial society, powerful diplomats, and vaunted celebrities. The connections you forge here will benefit you long after you leave the campus! 
Take time to attend galas, strengthen your bonds with your classmates, and find your place in our Emperor’s fleet. 

Giant Robots, Respect, Rewards, and a healthy 10% survival rate await you!

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