HENLEY FOX | Phastmon 01, Q-133


I’m still settling in at Meridian Memorial, but the dorms here are a big step up from the barracks I was at before. I was worried that I’d be the only one from my old unit here, but it seems like about half of us got recommended for the academy. That’s almost everyone who made it out of the last skirmish alive.

The main trouble with the academy is that all the heavy machinery and engineering equipment is kept in the engineering bay and locked up tight in the evenings. In the barracks there were always a few turbines or vernier rocket casings stacked in the halls that I could use for workouts, but the first time I picked one up here to do a few reps I got marched to a lieutenant’s office. Gym weights are grav-locked to their stations so I can’t carry them outside either.

Good news though – A cute officer cadet saw me and offered to help out with my training, so now I carry her from her dorm to class every morning. She’s sweet. Uses a nice shampoo, too. Since I mentioned going to the next gala, she asked to join me. Seems that she’s had a dance partner for years, but he keeps stepping on her toes and snipping about her hair. Unacceptable. I can’t let a lady go home unsatisfied after a dance.

My next task is finding a bigger space for marathon training. I haven’t received permission to run outside of the academy’s airlocks yet, but I’m persistent.

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