GENNIFER YESTERDAY | Phastmon 15, Q-133

PLAYING: —         MOOD: —

first entry log fashionably late. typical of me [Gennifer]. no regrets; been busy. believe facilities to be adequate [stressing with italics]. already received LLC[1] [assigned spool; named her myself[2]] so no problems there. met several like-minded cadets [/sarcasm]. was not expecting any serious stimulation outside of Inaccessible Super Starlet anyway but her schedule is overclocked. may have to tamper a bit to get a slice of her time. celebrity that she is [hee hee]

LLCs specs…lacking. am addressing it. LLC doubtless would wow lesser trainees, but as always, we [Gennifer] aim higher. am thinking:

  • microdrones [Asterism-based]
  • augment chassis [junk diving for older models? lesser tech but buffer plating?]
  • gutting core system. [dont trust student council/staff busybodies].

should have plenty of time to do what needs doing. school allots padding time for social events, student mingling, et al. shall not participate. have far too much on plate. shall report as LLC improves.


[1] Lerna Lesath Custom

[2] Gennifer

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