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The Meridian Memorial Communication and Relations Division is sending this message on behalf of the Academy Council

Security personnel have identified signs of attempted unauthorized entry into the flight bay after curfew hours. No trespass has occurred, and no individuals have suffered injury as a result of this attempt. We would like to take this moment to reaffirm our commitment to the safety of our cadets, staff, faculty, and other employees and to remind you of the following safety regulations and protocols:

  • Students are not permitted outside of dormitory areas after curfew. In the event of medical emergencies, staff will enter the dormitory to perform first aid and escort all impacted individuals to the medical bay.
  • Unauthorized modification of any weapons platform will result in reprimand and could be grounds for demotion. Intentional sabotage of any machine is grounds for immediate expulsion.
  • Only enrolled cadets and employees of Meridian Memorial are allowed within the academy. Requests for Visitation must be submitted at least one week prior to the requested visitation date, along with the requested visitor’s identification documents. Upon approval, they will receive a temporary admission badge which they must retrieve at the Security office upon arrival. Please review the visitor’s guide from your handbook for further details.
  • Infiltration of the Academy is unlikely. As an Imperial training site, however, it is possible that enemies may attempt espionage or assault on our facilities. If you notice any suspicious activities or individuals, or if you suspect a hostile individual is seeking to gain entry into Meridian Memorial, REPORT THIS TO YOUR DIRECT SUPERIOR IMMEDIATELY. Failure to report such a sighting promptly will result in swift reprimand.

As we prepare for the new term, be mindful of your surroundings and remain vigilant. Security personnel are committed to your safety and to promoting a stable learning environment. Remember that their increased patrols across campus do not indicate the presence of a threat, but rather its absence.

Thank you for your ongoing awareness and understanding, and let’s begin our new term at Meridian Memorial united in purpose, passion, and conviction!

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