WATCHING: life crumble to dust             MOOD: 😔

everything…over. gloom. angst. depravity. humiliation. no way back from this. no recourse.

you wonder if such musings relate to perhaps a lunar terrorist scheme. critical wounding of Gold Star Gable, perhaps? LLCs spontaneous combustion. alas. almost all would be preferable to the fate awaiting your humble scribe [Gennifer].

Dear Ms. Yesterday,
Regarding your multiple infractions against our cybersecurity policy:

It has come to the attention of multiple staff members at Meridian that while your grades are healthy and you are a promising, even skilled pilot, we cannot overlook the threat you continue to pose against the privacy of Meridian students and staff. After consultation with the Meridian Memorial counseling team, we have a proposition for you that we hope will incentivize good behavior on your part, provide you with a chance to bolster your social skills, and most importantly keep the private schedules of Meridian Memorial’s populace secure.

Starting THORTHMON 04, you will report to the CAMPUS GARDEN for volunteer work where you will provide assistance and guidance to your peers. You will also be placed on the committee for the MERIDIAN MEMORIAL COMMUNITY SOCIAL on FITZMON, which of course requires your mandatory participation both for biweekly committee meetings and the social itself.

Should you fail to appear for volunteer work or community duties for the social, or should private faculty data be compromised in a manner that indicates you were responsible, we will be required to take action: either by dismissing you from the academy, relinquishing your access to your assigned Almagest Model 7, or both.

Please acknowledge receipt of this mail.


would honestly rather pirouette out of an airlock. woe. pain. misery. world may be cruel but school admin is crueler.
shall work double time on LLC and hope for parole for good behavior.


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